RAM Energy - the power of choice

Let’s start our journey with Peter and Sandra who switched to RAM Energy during our launch weekend.

Peter and Sandra

Peter and his wife Sandra have lived in a semi-detached house in Derby for over 10 years; Peter’s an avid switcher and always looks around for the best deals when he’s coming to the end of a fixed deal.  Following British Gas’s price rise Peter knew it was time to have a look for a new provider to make sure he wasn’t overpaying on his bills, this is when he saw RAM Energy. 


Tania thought she was with a cheaper provider, after checking out a quote with RAM Energy she was pleasantly surprised with the savings and has started to recommend RAM Energy to colleagues and friends. 


Mrs Kamara

Most of us are looking for where we can make some savings and Mrs Kamara is no different. After finding out she could save £68.63 on her energy bills she snapped up the deal and had this to say ‘I switched to RAM Energy because it saved me money on my bills, I also like knowing it’s a local company and there’s people I can talk to who are close by if I have any questions’. 


Ram Energy customer Mrs Kamara


Gill works at Derby City Council in the customer service team. She heard about RAM Energy during a presentation about the features and benefits of the not-for-profit energy provider. During the presentation Gill realised she hadn’t looked at changing suppliers for over 10 years and thought it’d be wise to get a quote. 


Sam heard about RAM Energy from a friend who also lives in Derby. After hearing some good reviews Sam thought she would get a quote herself with the hope of saving some money on her bills, after saving £182 switching to RAM Energy became a ‘no brainer’. 

Derby Resident

Our final case study comes from a lady who heard about RAM Energy during our early promotions. She cares for her two parents who are housebound and lives in an annex off the main house in Derby. She hadn’t looked at switching in over 10 years as she was worried her current supplier would bombard her with calls if she moved away. RAM Energy explained the full switching process and confirmed we would be the ones to speak to the current supplier, we also explained there are regulations in place to stop this happening. Due to the high variable tariff rates and the high gas and electric use in the property the customer is expected to save £504 by switching to RAM Energy, a fantastic saving. The Derby resident explained ‘it’s been so easy, I wouldn’t have done it before without the help from RAM Energy, they saved me money and helped me search for the best deal’.