RAM Energy - the power of choice

RAM Energy Announcement

Robin Hood Energy, our supply license partner, have recently announced that they’ve agreed a sale of their business to British Gas. Please see the announcement for more details

Benefits of joining RAM Energy

As a RAM Energy customer you will have access to the following benefits and services:

  • Competitively low prices for gas and electricity.
  • A Midlands based call centre where you can speak to someone.
  • Discounts for credit accounts managed online.
  • Energy saving tips.
  • Simple and honest energy.

With all of this you have the power to manage your energy usage easily and with confidence. There are no hidden costs, we are open and honest and we will do our best to help you every step of the way. You can also rest assured that our licenced supplier Robin Hood Energy shares our vision to help you get a great deal for your energy.

Our Standards

Our standards of service give you the help and safety advice to ensure you get the most out of your energy account. This covers the standards we will deliver as a business, alongside the Guaranteed Standards of Performance‌ that are required by Government and the industry regulator, Ofgem. We use these standards to underpin our service and provide the framework for all business activities, providing you with a positive customer experience, value for money and a fair, clear billing process.

The Standards of Performance ensure you receive the service levels that define how all energy suppliers deliver energy to their customers; a level of service that is reasonable to expect companies to provide to their customers.

Gas Safety Checks

We will provide a gas safety check free of charge to you if you satisfy the following:

  • Have requested a safety check.
  • Are in receipt of a means-tested benefit.
  • Do not occupy a property where the landlord is responsible for arranging the check.
  • Have not had a safety check at the same property in the last 12 months.

In addition, you must either:

  • Live with at least one child under five, or:
  • Be of pension age, disabled or chronically sick and either:
  • Living alone, or:
  • Living with others who are all of pension age, disabled, chronically sick or under the age of 18.

Our gas safety checks will be carried out by a qualified gas safe engineer, and include checks on the safety of gas appliances and other gas fittings in your property and premises. Any gas appliance checks must include an examination of the following:

  • The effectiveness of any flue.
  • The supply of combustion air.
  • Its operating pressure, heat input or both.
  • Its operation for safe functioning.

To find out more about our services, download the Our Services to You booklet.